90’s Flashback

The 1990’s are back this Summer in the form of Zima. This July, MillerCoors will be releasing- for a limited time- their popular 90’s clear-malt beverage, Zima.
A new concept in the 90’s, MillerCoors was on the front lines of the “clear” alcohol beverage movement with the release of Zima in 1993. This completely clear malt beverage changed the look of beer and helped launch a new age in the beverage industry.
Many companies during that decade tried their hand at a clear drink concept. Beverages such as Crystal Pepsi, Tab Clear, Clearly Canadian, Orbit and many more were among the familiar to gain in popularity. However, none of them became the “Michael Jordan” of clear beverages like Zima did. With a huge marketing campaign based in humor and the emerging alternative 90’s scene, Zima (the Russian word for Winter) released itself at the right moment to win the hearts of college students and young professionals eager for Zomething Different.
If I recall my first time drinking Zima, it was at a college party around 1994. Newly legal, I wasn’t a fully formed beer drinker yet. I needed a drink with fruit flavors and lightness to allow me to enjoy the experience. Zima had that great balance of refreshing drinkability for a malt beer that no other company had figured out yet. That drinkability mixed with its youthful marketing campaign made it the choice for many people to enjoy the taste of alcohol and enjoy the social activity of drinking. Zima tapped into a culture of drinkers who did not fit the standard mold.
Will the limited release of Zima this Summer once again tap into a counter culture eager for a clear-malt? These days we have many brands that run with the torch that Zima passed in 2008 when it ended its North American distribution.
 “Fun Fact! Zima has always had a loyal brand following in Japan.”
Mike’s Hard Lemonade and Smirnoff Ice are a few of the top trending brands right now that keep with this clear-malt tradition. If the nostalgia of the 90’s are indeed powerful enough to kick-start this brand again, I believe Zima could find itself back in the hearts of us 40-somethings.
This Summer you can relive your youth- even for a moment- by grabbing a 6 pack of Zima, calling your friends you haven’t seen since college and binge watching the Fresh Prince of Belair.
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