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Brews and the games we love- an intro to beer sponsorship beyond your backyard!

Irish Stout Meets American Lager by Gabby Boualavanh

Guinness Blonde will be the new face of Baltimore and the first Guinness Brewery in the United States in more than 60 years. The Guinness Open Gate Brewery & Barrel House opened in fall 2017 in Baltimore County. The new establishment may be giving the iconic stout a run for its money. Before Guinness went…

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Thirsty Thursdays

Here at GAP, we consider ourselves to be brand experts. Learning about our clients is a focus for us and, to become experts, we have to interact and experience our brands in many different ways. One of the ways we learn about our client’s brands is by setting time aside for a little weekly team…

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La Cucaracha Shot

I was on our annual family vacation to Puerto Rico visiting my Mom’s family for the holidays.  As we sat in a Mexican restaurant, I sipped on my margarita when I heard a sudden bang and a crowd of people yell some gibberish.  I turned to see a group of people downing a shot, and…

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My Thanksgiving Experience : By Brett Fox

Thanksgiving has been an American holiday for nearly 400 years and this year it occurs on November 23rd. Some of the traditions that go along with Thanksgiving have been altered while others have remained consistent. Turkey has been the staple of the meal since the very beginning, though it has been prepared in a variety…

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A Healthy Trend? By: Michael Crockett

A Healthy Trend? We all know health and exercise trends come and go. Who can forget sweating to the oldies, or the Atkins diet? We all remember the Bowflex, the Thigh Master and the many, many exercise machines advertised through the decades that have had their time and disappeared.  It’s the very nature of a…

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Origins of the Rum & Coke Combination (Cuba Libre)

“Un Cuba Libre por favor”— you would think I’m chanting the motto of a revolution, but simply I am ordering a drink, and a great one at that.  However, a lot of people based out of the States may better know it as a “Rum and Coke”.   The “Cuba Libre” is a cocktail beloved by…

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