Warm Up This Season with GAP Promo

New England is a beautiful place to visit, especially during these next few months. During this season New England becomes a winter wonderland. It’s the best time to explore Boston or the picturesque town of Gloucester. Located on the North Shore, it’s the perfect place for shopping, dining, and of course visiting us here at Gap Promo. After a long day out on the town, the snow begins to fall and one of my favorite things to do is cuddle up in a warm blanket, throw on a movie all while enjoying my favorite drink. If you’re stuck inside with friends and family what’s a better way to pass the time then pulling out the classic board games and pairing it with your favorite cocktail. To warm up try the hot cider, to relax try the classic egg nog, and to add some spice and excitement to the night try a hot Russian. We highly recommend making the hot Russian with Burnett’s vodka and the classic egg nog and hot cider with Evan Williams’s bourbon. If you’re looking to share this experience with your clients and friends, please head over to our Marketplace where we offer plenty of items to keep you warm during this season. At GAP Promo, we can customize just about anything to fit your brand guideline. Warm up this season with a tasty beverage and your favorite branded winter gear.

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Blog written by Jessica Collins