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Whiskey & Water

By Gabby Boualavanh Whiskey… Vodka… Water Tyler Farr isn’t the only one who believes that whiskey and water are a match made in heaven. Tyler Farr – Whiskey in my Water. Does adding water to whiskey really make it taste better? The Washington Post suggests that by adding water, it will trap compounds that are…

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Adaptive Branding

Why does a company change the look of its branding? Not all brands update the look/feel of their logo. Many choose to stay the same and embrace their past while many others re-brand as they grow. GAP Promo works closely with our client’s brand standards and, as we see all the variations, we thought we…

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“Major Golf Drinks” By Jeff Piraino

Golf has blessed us with much more than this magnificently frustrating game. It has blessed up with a coping mechanism for when we’re trying to stay sane on the links. Legends like Arnold Palmer and John Daly will be remembered for much more than their heroic major wins, they’ll be remembered for the drinks we…

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